Konstantin_k C/O Release
Giulia Paradiso C/O Podcast Series / Extended Series
Motoko UP Designer / Artist / Podcast
Pior aka Birdsmakingmachine Artist / Release Vinyl UPV001 / Party
Javi Sampol Artist / Party
Duky Artist / Release Vinyl UPV001
Bauch Artist / Release UP008
Dragosh Artist / Release Vinyl UPV001
BRYZ Artist / Release UP012 Remix
Nektar Agu Artist / Release UP012
Scott Kemp Artist / Release soon more
Rowlanz Artist / Remix sonn more
CIRI Artist / Release UP009
Shatalov Artist / Podcast
Radio Revolution Artist / Podcast
Modular Artsist / Release UP010
Medu Artist / Podcast
Gorbani Artist / Release UP007
Franco Motta Artist / Release soon more
Deepzana Artist / Release UP011
Hysagi Artist / Podcast
Ida Daugaard Artist / Podcast
Ondrej Artist / Podcast
Dubfluss Artist / Podcast / Party
Phillip Inäbnit Artist / Podcast
NikA Artist / Podcast
MIKA spiel-z-immer Artist / Podcast / Party
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